О компании ЕКТА

About company

EKTA company, founded in 1992, is a manufacturer and exporter of high-end LED technology, known in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

For more than 20 years EKTA has carried out hundreds of projects aimed at installing video screen equipment in the fields of advertising, show business, sports, shopping and entertainment, transport and television.

Today the company is a leader in the development and production of innovative visual technologies. EKTA entered the Top 10 world manufacturers of LED equipment and the top three in Europe.

In 2011, EKTA’s video screen installation, which was used for the live broadcast of the final match of UEFA Champions League, was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest LED 3D-TV.

Among the achievements of EKTA was the technical support of the European Football Championship 2012 and numerous victories in the core competitions. Over the past two years EKTA has been recognized as the winner of the ProIntegration Awards in the category of ‘Best Solution using Digital Signage Technology’. And also received two Event Awards in the categories ‘Best Exhibition Stand Designs` and `Best equipment and services export`.

Our mission

“To create visual technology in an atmosphere of fostering partnership firmly based on self-fulfillment thus opening а new perspective on the world.”


The EKTA Company was founded in 1992 by young scientists and developers in the field of video display systems construction. From its birth the company has been focussed on the innovations needed to create competitive products and solutions capable of securing a leading position in the global market.

1992 – The EKTA Company was founded by a group of professionals in the field of visual technologies.

1993 – EKTA began selling its first large plasma displays for professional markets and commercial use.

1995 – The EKTA Company became the leading manufacturer of large video displays in Ukraine with a complete production cycle. The first EKTA display was installed in Europe.

1997 – EKTA improved its own plasma technology and developed products that led the world.

1999 – EKTA became the major supplier of video display systems for specialized applications and professional markets in the CIS countries (such as large displays for electronic voting systems).

2000 – EKTA produced the hi-tech Media Garden Project for the Germany National Exhibition Hall at EXPO’2000 in Hanover. EKTA products won recognition in the European market, which led to significant growth in the company’s export sales. EKTA designed and developed its first models of large LED displays. Within two years of technological development, EKTA LED screens reached the highest industry standards and became the lightest and the thinnest LED displays in the world.

2003 – EKTA became the leader in the Ukrainian market for rental services of LED visualization products and solutions.

2004 – EKTA introduced the Total Quality Management (TQM) system.

2005 – EKTA built a new hi-tech manufacturing facility, which still remains the most up-to-date in the CIS countries.

2006 – The EKTA TQM quality control system was certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standard. The company became one of the top five manufacturers of large LED displays using Nichia (a world leading LED producer) diodes in Europe. EKTA opened its sales office in Germany – EKTA Vision Gmbh.

2007 – EKTA’s stock of rental equipment exceeded 1,000 m2 of LED screens. The company’s rental department completed more than 3,000 projects. EKTA developed and launched its new WOWSTRIP product – full-colour tiled LED strips.

2008 – EKTA developed a new series of professional indoor LED displays with an enhanced contrast ratio – LED-Wall Indoor bf (black faced). The company opened a sales office in the United Arab Emirates – EKTA Middle East.

2009 – EKTA became a member of InfoComm International – the International Association of audiovisual systems integrators.

EKTA developed a revolutionary new video controller (ERMAC/SPU-005) which introduced new levels of control for screens with the highest resolution and increased contrast.

A major new range of new Digital Signage products went into production, including Digiboard advertising video boards, CITYLED digital posters, BigVision LED TV-sets, interactive LED displays, digital logos as well as the narrow screen signage.

2010 – WOWfloor, an interactive LED video-floor, was developed and put into production.

A new generation of LED road signs and displays (LED-VMS) was developed.

The company significantly expanded its dealer network and increased its share of equipment in various rental projects in the European Union.

The international expert community recognized EKTA’s modular system, which can be used to assemble screens of various shapes and configurations, as a new trend in video screen construction technology.

2011 – Delivery of commercial projects using 3D technology began.

The biggest LED 3D TV ever produced by EKTA won a Guinness World Record. The screen was unveiled on 28th May 2011 in Gothenburg (Sweden).

2012 - ЕKТА provided technical support for the UEFA Euro 2012 football tournament.

The official ‘fan zones’ for public broadcasting of the Euro 2012 football matches in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway were equipped with EKTA LED video screens.

The Euro 2012 final draw ceremony was supported by EKТА, which provided giant LED video screens and technical support for the event.

2013 – Five new EKTA products were showcased at the leading international trade fairs.

Those included three screen models with a pixel pitch of 6 mm, 4 mm, and 1.9 mm respectively, as well as a new model of interactive LED floor with 24 mm pixel pitch and next-generation ERMAC PLUS multilayer control system.

EKTA won the ProIntegration Award in 2013 for ‘Best Solution using Digital Signage Technology.’ It was for the LED media set installed by EKTA on the facade of the Ocean Plaza shopping mall.

2014 – According to Events Trend rating, EKTA placed second overall in companies providing technical support for events in Ukraine after winning first place in Ukraine Event Awards in two categories, “Best Exhibition Stand Design” and “Best Equipment and Services Export”.

2015 – Two new EKTA products were introduced at the professional exhibition «Integrated Systems Europe»: the hi-end indoor display with the pixel pitch of 2.68 mm and the multifunction video processor ERMAC Ultra.

To date, EKTA has completed hundreds of integrated LED display installation projects in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. EKTA products are acknowledged by professionals in various markets all over the globe. EKTA technology meets and in many cases exceeds all relevant world standards.