LED-DMS Variable Message Boards

Clear traffic information messages that are easy to read are vital for drivers on fast busy roads. EKTA LED-DMS Variable Message Boards all-purpose display boards are the ideal solution for complex road interchanges where messages such as real-time warnings, weather and road diversions need to be frequently updated depending on the time of the day, weather, and road situation.

Our LED-DMS Variable Message Boards can display almost any text and/or graphic information; using the latest EKTA technology and components from the world's top manufacturers our boards are designed for 24/7 fault-free operation. Specially designed lightweight module frames ensure strength and rigidity for the entire board structure, reducing maintenance requirements. Plastic components of the LED-DMS module have UV protection that considerably improves their durability. This UV protection also prevents the display surface from overheating in strong sunlight, thus protecting against message contrast degradation.

Functions of Variable Message Traffic Signs and Boards:

  • To play a key role in traffic control when extreme situations arise (traffic accidents, roadwork, bad weather)
  • To help redirect traffic flow, indicate most efficient routes, reduce unnecessary mileage, therefore improving travel efficiency by overall reduction in the amount of time wasted on the road
  • To reduce traffic accidents and the associated losses (in time, money, etc)


  • City streets, road intersections and interchanges, crosswalks
  • Reversible traffic areas
  • Highways and roads
  • Approaches to infrastructure facilities such as railway stations, airports, bridges, etc.
  • Gas service stations
  • Parking and recreation areas
  • Other concentrated traffic areas


EKTA’s LED message board is a modern spot-on solution for the assurance of road users’ safety with the best price/quality ratio. First-grade electronic message boards serve for traffic guidance and information purposes. The extensive product line of EKTA VMS makes them extremely convenient in conveying LED running content to the drivers and pedestrians. Customizable shapes and colours contribute to the brilliant display legibility as well as to the clear visibility of the LED digital message board at the distance needed in every particular case.

LED writing message signs and boards can be installed on the cities’ streets and roads, intersections, and crosswalks, highways and motorways, recreation areas and working zones parking lots and lane closures. Besides, EKTA manufactures mobile VMS, which can be quickly mounted and dismounted at any place thanks to their lightweight and ultrathin modular design.

LED light VMS performs a vital function in controlling day-to-day traffic flow; increases travel efficiency by redirecting the traffic motion; delivers high speed and security to the drivers, shortening the travel route and reducing unnecessary mileage; warns of danger – traffic collisions, road constructions, unfavorable weather. Due to the perfect color rendition, high contrast and outstanding LEDs luminosity, EKTA signs and boards create high-quality imaging of scrolling traffic conditions messages – air temperature, humidity, an indication of date and time etc.

The prime purpose of ordinary traffic signs’ replacement by their LED-based analogs is their ability to produce programmable content, allowing changing the information on the board in relation to the traffic and weather conditions. Any moving dynamic text or graphic information can be displayed on the LED-VMS in a real-time mode, providing outstanding light performance.

Currently, EKTA electric signs have a number of advantages. The crucial benefit for outdoor VMS is their structural durability. Total reliability is guaranteed under the toughest conditions thanks to the high IP. Ultraviolet protection prevents screen’s surface from burning out, considerably reducing LEDs degradation. Robust and firm cabinet helps in avoidance of electronic component’s damages and provides complete protection against rain, dew-drops, dust, and dirt. Temperature sensors ransmit data to the cooling system, which controls temperature and lessens the risks of overheating or freezing. As a result, EKTA LED displays to boost environment-adaptability, operating fault-free at the temperature range from -25 to +60 ° C, withstanding strong road vibrations and severe wind loads up to 50 m/sec.

EKTA LED traffic signs and boards have an embedded automatic system of brightness adjustment, allowing reducing brightness in relation to external illumination level and thus, and lessening powering consumption by a substantial margin.

Another predominant feature is the LED board’s type of service. In the case of abrupt damage, any cluster or power supply can be taken out and rapidly changed for the functioning ones.

All EKTA equipment for traffic systems is compliant with Earthquake Engineering and Environmental Safety as well as meets EN 12966:2014 standard requirements, providing brilliant legibility, efficient use of energy and an excellent luminance ratio. The intelligent built-in system of LED traffic sign status diagnostics enables monitoring its operation and notifying any emergent faults.

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