iLVM 6C model outdoor series FrameLED manufactured by ЕКТА Company.
model iLVM 6C outdoor series FrameLED manufactured by ЕКТА Company. The project in which LED displays model LVM 6C-Q were used won the main prize of Ukrainian Event Awards in the category “Best Exhibition Booth Design” and “Best Equipment and Services Export”. From modules iLVM 6C was made the world's largest LED 3D-TV introduced in the Guinness Book of Records.
Module type iLVM 6C
Display size Display sizes can vary multiple to module dimensions
Module dimensions, m 0.387 x 0.387 х 0.086
Pixel density, pixel/m² 27,410
Pixel pitch, mm 6.04
Minimum viewing distance, m 4
Module resolution, pixel 80х80
Number of LEDs in pixel 1 (RGB: 3 in 1)
LED type and supplier SMD, 3 mm; Nichia
Color processing, bit 16
Colors up to 281 trillion (48 bit)
Viewing angle 150°
Maximum brightness, NIT 4,000
Maximum calibrated brightness, NIT 3,000
Refresh rate, Hz 7,200
Lifetime > 100,000 hours (> 11.5 years 24/7)
Operating temperature from 0 °С to +40 °С;
Power supply (single phase voltage) 220 V +15% -60%; 50 - 60 Hz
Power supply (three phase voltage)* 380 V +10% -15%; 50 Hz
Power consumption, W/m² (average, maximum, with calibrated brightness 6,000 NIT and Т = 6,500°K) 380
Module weight, kg 5
Display weight, kg/m² 32