AWT Bavaria Company, Ukraine

Execution date


Project title

Hi-end LED screen at the car dealer “AWT Bavaria”


  • LED video screen iLVM6C-Q with the total area of 9,9m²
  • Versatile LED controller ERMAC/SPU-005

Place of installation

Kyiv, Ukraine

Customer reference

In 2015, AVT Bavaria Company equipped one of its automobile dealer centers with the EKTA’s LED screen. Today, the display is an effective communication tool with the client, which broadcasts advertising and information content about the product. The image management is carried out by the multifunction device ERMAC.

High brightness and contrast, dynamic and true-to-life picture, excellent illumination uniformity and vibrant colors allow visitors of the showroom to perceive information comfortably even at a close range and from different viewing angles. Also, the equipment serves as a means of corporate communication at brand presentations and exhibitions.

In addition, this solution is a design decoration of the hall, emphasizing the status of the brand and the exclusivity of the premium product.

High equipment performance, low power consumption, and total reliability became the determining factors in the choice of EKTA’s products.

Customer representative (name, job title, contact information)

Aleksandr Didushok
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