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Videlio Events Company, France

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Since 2011

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LED equipment for сreative rental projects


  • LED screens iLVM 4C-Q with the total area 50 m²
  • LED screens iLVM 6C-Q with the total area 40 m²
  • LED screens iLVM 6C-Qs with the total area 85 m²
  • Versatile LED video controller ERMAC

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To provide high-tech and sustainable video solutions we have enriched our rental unit with EKTA LED video walls and versatile LED controller – ERMAC.

EKTA premium screens possess a number of advantages: bright, light, quiet, easy and quick to be assembled. All these factors decrease the running cost to a great extent and give a chance to employ this equipment in any configuration at low budgets.

For years of a successful cooperation, LED equipment showed high technical and operational characteristics. Crystal-clear picture, powerful video processing, high refresh rate, low latency time, no artifacts when shooting on camera, perfect imaging at low brightness and extra-quick assembly are key advantages for the rental business.

With EKTA we are confident in reliability, even in a live broadcast!

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General Director
Christian Amoretti
Tel.: 01 40 92 50 00
Fax: 01 40 92 50 01
led floor