The high-end quality LED screen in Lviv

The high-end quality LED screen that had been developed and manufactured by EKTA was installed in a shopping mall in Lviv, Ukraine and it became a key element of the shopping space interior.

Date: 2019
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Pixel pitch: 4,8 mm.
Total screen area: about 15 sq. m


Creative LED screen installation from EKTA performed by our premium partner PLATFORMA at the corporate meeting AMWAY.

Date: 2019
Location: Palace of Sport, Kyiv, Ukraine
Pixel pitch: 6,0 mm; 6,9 mm.
Total screens area: about 165 sq. m


On these hot days, it's so nice to remember the coolness of our winter projects. This year the main tree of the country was decorated with LED screens of the EKTA company, which impressed and presented unforgettable emotions to visitors of Sofievska Square. This screen has been installed by our premium partner PLATFORMA.

Date: 2019
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Pixel pitch: 6,9 mm.Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Total screen area: about 45 sq. m

Led screen for dooh in Germany

Specially designed and produced by EKTA outdoor LED screens were installed in Germany within DOOH project with very high technical requirements.

Date: 2018
Location: Germany
Pixel pitch: 6.67 mm
Total screen area: about 70 sq. m